Importance Of Ad Extensions In Google Adwords Campaigns

Google Adwords provides some really superb ‘extras’ that are called Ad Extensions and can be implemented at no extra cost to your Google Adwords ads. These Ad Extensions can improve the number of hits and the conversion rates when used correctly.

Outlined below are a few of the most popular Ad Extensions available for Google Adwords:

  • Location extensions
  • Product extensions
  • Sitelinks extension
  • Call extension

Ad Extensions Explained In A Little More Detail

So, what are these Ad Extensions, what do they do and how are they helpful in your Google Adwords campaign? The role of these ad extensions is to provide additional information on your Google Adwords ad.

Since this will make your ad different from the other basic ads, they have a better potential to attract clicks and convert searchers into buyers. At the end of the day, using these extensions can help you get more traffic to your website, get more business and get more out of your Google Adwords campaign.

Ad Extension Breakdown

Location extension: With the help of this extension you will be able to include your business address along with your ad. Additionally, you will be able to include directions and if necessary even display a map showing your store’s location.

This is especially helpful for people who search for products and services on their mobiles on the go. Another way the location extension is useful is if your business has multiple locations, as it can be used to target local searches.

Product extension: With the help of this extension you will be able to provide a description or images of your products underneath the ad itself. So users searching for a specific product will be able to look at what your website has, at a glance, without actually going to your website.

The main advantage of this Ad Extension is to provide more visibility to the products you sell thereby improving the chances of a click. This is a great way to showcase your products and prices to customers who are actually search for your products.

Sitelinks extension: This is especially useful for websites that specialise in a number of different products and services. With the help of this extension you will be able to provide up to six links under the ad.

What this means is that the ad gives user has more options to click on, gives them six additional destination URL’s and also shows your additional products and services. Sitelink extensions can be used on the majority of Adwords campaigns and is probably one of the most effective ad extensions that are available.

Call extension:  The call extension option is pretty self explanatory as it provides an option to include a telephone number under your ad. This is a really great addition for mobile users who can easily and simply call your business with just a click of the ad extension. Without this option they would have to go into your website and extract the number themselves.

Ad extensions essentially allow you to get the most out of you Google Adwords campaign and many online marketing professionals know the additional benefit these extensions can bring a campaign.

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