How to Deliver a Market Leading Customer Service Experience in Your Business

What is Good Service?

There are varying degrees of opinion when it comes to the question of good customer service. Almost any job interview will contain a question around delivering good service, from the minimum wage job in the local convenience store to a Chief Executive at a multi-national company.

Good service can mean all manner of things and obviously is different across various industries. There are some things that never change no matter what sector you work in however, and it is on these points that we turn our focus.

Just how can you deliver brilliant, market-leading service at all times?

Know the Customer

If you do not know who your customers are and what they want from your business, then you will need to be extremely intuitive, not to mention fortunate, to succeed as a business. There are a variety of ways you can learn about your customer, from internet and telephone marketing – remember this can be a text message, not just an annoying phone call to someone trying to feed their kids – to the old fashioned pen and piece of paper asking them to tick a box.

Getting to know your customer will set you up to deliver the very best service experience.

Act With the Customer in Mind

It is a bit of a cheesy, clichéd, horrible piece of management speak, but saying that “everything you do, you do it for the customer,” without singing Bryan Adams in the back of your head, is actually a great place to start.

Whether it is filling a shelf in a retail store, updating a page of an e-commerce website, or putting together a new script for people answering the telephone, if it is not going to impact on your customer service then why on Earth are you doing it at all?

Keep the customer in mind at all times, focus on what matters and not unnecessary, trivial tasks.

Scope Your Competition

If you are going to offer anything and call it “market-leading,” then you need to know what everyone else in the market is doing. Whether you call or visit your competition posing as a customer, or visit and order a product from their website, simple research such as this will help you to understand what your competitors do well – what you can learn – and what they don’t do so well – how you can beat them hands down. By taking stock of your competitors you will be in a much better place to blow them all away with your outstanding service levels.

If you are not confident you are the market leader in your industry for customer service, what are you waiting for? Put this valuable advice into action today!

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