How to add Faceboook Application in the tab of fanpage?

Facebook fan page is the latest demand of every companies and communities.They want their own tab for their symbol of uniqueness thats why many creates facebook application that are installable to fanpages.Even lots of other popular facebook application too provide their application to be  installable on the tab.

But still not a proper tutorial is available on the internet about How to add Faceboook Application in the tab of fanpage? Here I am trying to do this.Hope it will help.

Note: Here I am taking example of adding the application TabPoll.Click on image to view in full size.

Step 1: Go to facebook application’s page like TabPoll.

Step 2: Click on the Add to my Page option just below the logo of facebook application.


Step 3: On doing so a dialog box will load asking you to select your page where you want to add the facebook application click on desired page and then close the dialog box.


Step 4: Go to your selectected fan page.Click on the ‘+’  or “>>” symbol and if application is available  there then click on it facebook application will be added to the tab of your fan page.


Step 5: The other option is click on the Edit Page just below the logo of your fan page.


Step 6: The setting page of your fanpage will be open up there and then click on the Application Setting of  Tabpoll(or Facebook Application of your choice) fanpage-5

where you will see Tab: Available(Add) click on Add. The tab of facebook application will be added to your fan page.

Step 7: This step is just verification step.Go to your fan page and check for the application added there or not.


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