Five Tips to Grow Your Blog’s Readership

Your business blog is a great way to connect with those who are interested in your product or service. Yes, social media is popular and a necessary part of your marketing, but blogging is a much more effective way to create a lasting and impactful connection. However, if as we approach the end of the year, you find yourself a bit discouraged about the recent “performance” of your blog, why not try the following five tips.

1.)    Ensure each of your posts is easily sharable. Social media has made us a society of information sharers. We find a good deal, we share it. We read a good article, ditto. Well, most of the time. That’s if the article can be shared quickly and then we can go on our information sharing way. That’s because unless we deeply connect with a story or article, we typically won’t make the effort copy and paste the article in social media or an email and explain with our network why we’re sharing it. Bottom line – make it as simple as possible for readers to share your great content.

2.)    Maintain an email list. One of the best reasons for a business to blog is to grow and maintain a following. By creating a way for your readers to sign up for regular communications from your organization, you’re able to further strengthen your connection with them. They regularly see the name of your organization in their email box. You don’t have to wait for them to come to you; you can go to them. Of course, with an email list, you have to be commitment to creating some great unique content to send their way, but ultimately the trade-off is well worth it.

3.)    Be a guest blogger. In the game of attracting new readers, guest blogging is a winning strategy. Instead of posting content on your blog and hoping someone will read it, you’re creating your usual great content but it is being posted on a site with a higher readership than yours. Further, because you’re guest posting for a blog with complimentary content, mission, etc…, there’s a good likelihood that the readers will be interested in your content and visit your site.

4.)    Provide great how to, tips/tricks, and other knowledge sharing articles. One of the main reasons we search the internet is to find an answer to a question we have or to gain additional information. Therefore, readers are especially attracted to articles that educate on a topic related to your business product or service. Sharing true insider tips can be a great way to get noticed, be seen as a leader and maintain a following.

5.)    Use great visuals. Gone is the day that a post is just great written content. Today, posts need a visual tie to help the reader further understand a topic or even just pause to read it.

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Author Chris Marentis is the CEO of local internet marketing company, Surefire Social.

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